l. EKOPLAGÁT is an international exhibition and contest of posters on the topics of conservation of nature and environment connected with a prize competition. It is held once in three years.

2. The main aim of the exhibition is to present, confront and stimulate the production of posters concerning the environment and nature conservation in international context. It should increase the knowledge and activity of the public for solving the problems of environment in the world of today and support the environmental education and ethics. At the same time the triennial EKOPLAGÁT will support ideological and artistic development of the contemporary graphic art.

3. The title of the exhibition is EKOPLAGÁT with joining of the year in which it is held.

4. The exhibition is held in Žilina – a town in the Slovak Republic.

5. The triennial is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic. The organizer of the exhibition EKOPLAGÁT is the State Nature Conservation of the Slovak Republic and Malá Fatra National Park Administration in Varín. The organizer co-operates with artistic, governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as with other national and foreign environmental organizations.

6. To manage the exhibition, the organizers will appoint curator and the executive committee headed by its chairman or other commissions where necessary.

7. The authors and the teams of authors – who were addressed by the organizers of the triennial by means of the art, government and other ecological organizations or individuals through information in relevant communication media – may send their created posters to the exhibition.

8. The posters sent to the exhibition will become the ownership of the organiser, State Nature Conservation of the Slovak Republic and will not be returned to the authors. The organizers guarantee their archiving. They also reserve the right to use these posters for other events, to promote and publish them in publications or other media without any claim for the author’s compensation. The authors can agree/not agree with public distribution of the poster’s original or its copies by sale or other means of ownership transfer, providing the income from the distribution will be used for the purposes of nature conservation in Slovakia according to organizer consideration, primarily for realisation of next EKOPLAGÁT triennial and for practical nature conservation.

9. There will be the following prize-giving in the competition – Grand Prix, lst Prize, 2nd Prize, and 3rd Prize. This awarding of the prize is carried by the Jury appointed by the organizers. The Jury has a right not to award the prize. The Grand Prix winner has a right to present his /her own collection of posters in the next triennial.

10. The main criterion for awarding of the prize is an intellectual and artistic level of the posters.

11. The organizers can also organise accompanying events to the contest exhibition.

12. The full details of the contest exhibition will be given in the Competition Rules, which are published by the organizers each year of EKOPLAGÁT separately.

13. All posters included in the contest exhibition EKOPLAGÁT will be published in the Catalogue of works and at next exhibitions within the contest to the extent of: first name, surname, country and year of birth of author (s).