The international exhibition and contest of posters on the topics of conservation of nature and environment, which is organized under the auspices of Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic Ján Budaj.

Organizers: State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic, Malá Fatra National Park Administration in Varín, Carpathian Wetland Initiative

Under the auspices of: the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

In co-operation with: Považská Gallery of Arts in Žilina

Exhibition: 17th September – 15th November 2020 in Považská Gallery of Arts in Žilina
Deadline for sending the Entries and posters: 5th June 2020

Participants: The competition is open for professional designers, visual artists, art agencies, teams of authors, environmental organisations and institutions and students from the art schools of the world. The students of the art and design academies and universities can enter the work of the art studio.

Registration Fee: None

Prizes: The International Jury will award the following prizes:

Grand Prix EKOPLAGÁT ´20

1st Prize EKOPLAGÁT ´20

2nd Prize EKOPLAGÁT ´20

3rd Prize EKOPLAGÁT 20

Diploma is part of all prizes. The Honour Award of the Jury or the prizes of involved organisations can be awarded, too.

Official languages: Slovak, English

The conditions for participation in EKOPLAGÁT ´20 are described in the Regulations and in the Competition Rules. The Regulations and Competition Rules contain changes, please read them carefully!


Registration of authors is possible only through the online registration form found on this page below.

In order to include the poster(s) in the Catalogue it is also required to send a digital version of the poster as a file recorded on CD-ROM / USB flash to the contact address or via external storage to the contact e-mail.


Contact Address:  Správa Národného parku Malá Fatra, Hrnčiarska 197, 013 03 Varín, Slovakia

Tel.: +421 (0) 41 569 2311,  +421 (0) 507 1413

Contact person:

Ing. Miriam Balciarová,

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